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Premise behind Stealth Shades

Camouflage for the Eye!

Stealth Shades eyewear were designed to deal with the amazing eyesight of the wild turkey. Wild turkey are very adept at detecting subtle movement, including eye movement.  Even making eye contact will get you busted.  In fact all birds have an immediate flight response when eye contact is made with any predator.  Every seasoned turkey hunter knows this, and this is why Stealth Shades are designed to conceal the hunter's eye from all game animals. This allows you to now watch multiple animals that walk in to your set without any worries of making eye contact, thus giving you extra time to make that shot or judge the animals age, sex or size. You won't have to close your eyes or squint when they look at you.   Read on for other benefits of Stealth Shades.

Green Chameleon_edited.jpg

Full Field of View!

Stealth Shades were originally designed for turkey hunting which demands unencumbered vision.  The horizontal aperture allows the hunter more than 220 degrees of view without moving or turning your head.  The vertical apertures allow the wearer to focus on hand held objects, such as a turkey call or electronic call, without removing the eyewear or making unnecessary movements.


A Rugged Design That Will Not Fog Up!

Stealth Shades were created to withstand the rigors of hunting and be worn in conjunction with a face mask. Unlike other eyewear, Stealth Shades can not fog up and eliminate the need for a bill on your hat as they have a built in visor.   Our product is a nearly indestructible one piece design that has no lenses to get scratched, and they do not require any specialized care or cleaning products. Designed with the hunter in mind, our product is so durable it does not require a storage case,  and can be carried in a pocket or hung around your neck on a lanyard, always ready for use.

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