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Optical Advantages of Stealth Shades

Reduces Glare!

Positively as a consequence of the Stealth Shades design, the pupils of the wearer's eyes are able to remain enlarged, thus allowing the wearer to see well in the field. Whether hunting at dusk & dawn, at sunrise & sunset, or in bright snow during the mid-day sun, the result is the same.  Direct sunlight, glare, and reflected light are almost completely blocked, thus improving your vision in all extreme light conditions.

snow shot_edited.jpg

Performs In Low Light!

Stealth Shades afford the wearer unobstructed viewing even in low light conditions.  Unlike other hunting eyewear, you have the ability to see well at early dawn or at dusk when game animals are most active.  For example, when turkey hunting you can put your Stealth Shades on immediately upon setting up.  You won't need to make any unnecessary movements to put sunglasses on during the hunt that might get you busted.

snow call 2.JPG

Improved Distance Vision!

Another positive aspect of the lens-less design of Stealth Shades is the clarity of your distance vision cannot be reduced, but may actually improve. Looking through an aperture with no tinted, scratched, or fogged lenses to distort or hamper your vision is a huge benefit over sunglasses.  Apertures have been used for a very long time to improve vision and sight picture, especially in competitive shooting. For years specialized apertures have been available to be attached to shooting glasses for this very reason. Stealth Shades demonstrates this concept well.

Winter Sunrise
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